June-Aug 2022 News

The last three months have witnessed a progressive transformation of the weather – from relentlessly scorching hot to humid hot to wet warm, which ushered in the monsoon season. Although rain has not been as abundant as required and much of the rice saplings have wilted, the temperature has been such that simple ceiling fans have been able to bring relief and make the environment pleasant. Lately we have gone down to the lower 30sC!

When I arrived at MAITRI from Italy on July 7 it was still rather hot but soon the situation changed.

Impending Disaster & Fundraiser

The drawback of the rainy season is the great care that we have to take to protect our old buildings, with particular regard to the director’s residence cum office. The condition of the building is such that a new one will have to be constructed at the earliest opportunity. To this end we are setting up a special fundraiser.

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