Current Programs

MAITRI is engaged in the eradication of leprosy, the control of TB, the medical assistance and care for expecting mothers and new born babies, the life-saving assistance to malnourished small children, the education of children and adults in rural areas, the rehabilitation of disabled people, the provision of opportunities to women and other underprivileged persons, the promotion of a holistic development in villages, the rescuing and care of animals, and awareness campaigns for all our programs. See below for a detailed list.

(in order of actualization)

  • National Leprosy Eradication program (NLEP)
  • MAITRI Physical Rehabilitation for Disabled people program.
  • MAITRI Animal Shelter program
  • MAITRI TB Treatment program
  • MAITRI Campus development (partial)
  • MAITRI Humanitarian Aid program
  • MAITRI Pre- and Post-natal Care program
  • MAITRI Child Care program
  • MAITRI Village Schools program
  • MAITRI Birth Control Programme
  • MAITRI Adult Literacy and Vocational Training program
  • MAITRI Respite Care for disabled and homeless patients
  • Prevention of Deformities program (POD leprosy)
  • MAITRI Ambulance and Rescue Service program
  • MAITRI Veterinary Care program
  • MAITRI HIV/Aids Awareness program
  • National Child Immunization program
  • Facilities for working animals (partial)
  • National TB Control program (RNTCP)
  • Environmental and Rural Development programs