Physical Rehabilitation

MAITRI Physical Rehabilitation for Disabled People Programme

  • MAITRI Physical Rehabilitation programme has been operating in the 24 provinces of Gaya District since 1993.
  • MAITRI currently provides physiotherapy care for leprosy patients at its centre near Dhandwa village, Bodhgaya.
  • MAITRI has extended its physical rehabilitation programme to poorer children with disabilities in the area since September, 2004.
  • MAITRI provides free medical care, surgery, postoperative physiotherapy, orthopedic aid to the programme patients.
  • MAITRI physical rehabilitation programme uses the services of a local doctor and of a hospital who specialise in the treatment of disabilities.

Patients traveling for rehabilitative surgery on hands

MAITRI Physical Rehabilitation programme: measurable outcomes and impact

  • MAITRI has successfully rehabilitated over a hundred disabled cases, some of whom are children affected by polio and other disabilities.
  • The majority of disabled patients come from the lower and poorer castes.
  • MAITRI provides free service to the patients.

MAITRI Physical Rehabilitation programme : the road ahead

  • MAITRI will continue providing facilities and professional assistance to people affected by leprosy-related disabilities and by other types of disabilities for their rehabilitation.
  • With your support disabled patients from lower and impoverished castes in rural areas can continue to receive rehabilitative assistance
  • With your support disabled patients, who currently do not have access to MAITRI’s rehabilitation programme, will acquire a fundamental right – the right to have access to rehabilitative treatment….
  • MAITRI feels it is essential that the current service offered to people in the area of Gaya District be maintained and developed……. with your help it can become a reality…