Here are some links to articles and news items written about MAITRI’s work.


A Visit to MAITRI (FPMT Community News/Mandala Magazine Online, 2018)





MAITRI: Dharma in Action Since 1989 (FPMT Social Services, 2018)





MAITRI-Keeping the Vision True (Mandala, 2018)






Lama Zopa Rinpoche Visits MAITRI (Lama Zopa Rinpoche News/Mandala, 2014)





MAITRI Supports World Leprosy Day 2016 (FPMT News, 2016)


Rejoicing in the Ongoing Compassionate Work of MAITRI (FPMT Social Services, 2015)






A Kalachakra at MAITRI (Mandala, 2012)





MAITRI – Where Every Individual Matters (Mandala, 2010)






MAITRI’s Microcosm (Mandala, 2008 -PDF 1.6 MB)