HIV/AIDS Awareness

Drive on the GT Road addressing truck drivers
MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme

  • MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme covers all provinces of Gaya District and has been in operation since May, 2004.
  • MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme targets mainly truck drivers along the Grand Trunk Route linking Delhi to Kolkata and interior villages aimed at the families of migrant workers.


IEC in villages
MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme: measurable outcomes and impact

  • MAITRI has to date contacted nearly 3,000 villages and the restaurants along the interstate Grant Trunk Route and other roads within Gaya district.
  • MAITRI has provided information in villages regarding sexually-transmitted diseases and their prevention.
  • MAITRI has contacted thousands of women for awareness about the disease and provided them with condoms.
  • MAITRI has provided condoms to thousands of men and women.
MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme: the road ahead


  • MAITRI intends to contact the entire population of Gaya District through its public awareness campaigns.
  • MAITRI particularly plans to further its awareness campaign aimed at providing women in villages – both housewives and girls, with vital information on STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).


With your support all people from rural areas will be motivated to exercise precaution against the spreading of HIV/AIDS.
With your support more men and women, who currently do not have access to MAITRI’s awareness campaigns, will acquire a fundamental right – the right to information required for a life free from life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases.