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Drive on the GT Road addressing truck drivers

MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme

  • MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme covers all provinces of Gaya District and has been in operation since May, 2004.
  • MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme targets mainly truck drivers along the Delhi-Calcutta highway.


IEC in villages

MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme: measurable outcomes and impact

  • MAITRI has to date contacted 875 villages and the restaurants along the interstate Delhi-Calcutta road and other roads within Gaya district, thus reaching 532,693 people, specifically 9,001 truck drivers and 6,271 male villagers.
  • MAITRI has provided information in villages regarding sexually-transmitted diseases and their prevention.
  • MAITRI has contacted 6,237 women for awareness about the disease and provided them with 4,200 condoms.
  • MAITRI has provided 8,365 condoms to 7,031 men and women.

MAITRI HIV/AIDS Awareness programme: the road ahead


  • MAITRI intends to contact the entire population of Gaya District through its public awareness campaigns.
  • MAITRI is planning to resume the contact of prostitution areas of Gaya Town .
  • MAITRI particularly plans to further its awareness campaign aimed at providing women invillages – both housewives and girls, with vital information on STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).


With your support all people from rural areas will be motivated to exercise precaution against thespreading of HIV/AIDS.
With your support more men and women, who currently do not have access to MAITRI’s awareness campaigns, will acquire a fundamental right - the right to information required for a life free from life-threatening sexually transmitted diseases.




MAITRI Charitable Trust
PO Box 32 , Bodhgaya
Gaya District, Bihar 824 231

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