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In the service of others

Celebrating the new year at MAITRI

MAITRI is engaged in the eradication of leprosy, the control of TB, the medical assistance and care for expecting mothers and new born babies, the life-saving assistance to malnourished small children, the promotion of awareness about compliance with child immunization programmes, the promotion of awareness regarding leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS, hygiene, and birth control, the education of children and adults in rural areas, the rehabilitation of disabled people, the provision of opportunities to women and other underprivileged persons,the promotion of a holistic development in villages, the rescuing and care of animals in Bodhgaya , India...
MAITRI is a Sanskrit word which denotes universal love and compassion

MAITRI Charitable Trust
PO Box 32 , Bodhgaya
Gaya District, Bihar 824 231

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