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MAITRI Charitable Trust's future programmes

Map of district with development of MAITRI’s work

(in order of actualization)
  • MAITRI Village Sanitation project
  • Facilities for working animals
  • Campus development:  the proper development of running and future programmes requires the completion of MAITRI Centre’s master plan.Constructed are (from bottom right anticlockwise) the Outpatient Department  (OPD) & Offices, Kennel,Veterinary Clinic, Leprosy Hospital and TB Extension Wing, Shed with storeroom, Hospice for homeless & 2 guest-rooms, Storerooms, 3 Residential Quarters, Generator Units and Motor-pump House, Community Hall, Stupa complex (9 stupas), Internal Road, Watchman & Animal Attendant’s shed, Extension to the garage, Garage with driver’s residence, goats Shed and Extension.
  • Under construction is the multi-religious Temple.
  • To be constructed is (on a priority basis) new Storeroom complex, Mother & Child Care department, Hostel for volunteers.

The OPD (Out-patient Department)

The hospital

The hospice for disabled patients

The community hall (almost completed)

The temple (under construction)

MAITRI Charitable Trust
PO Box 32 , Bodhgaya
Gaya District, Bihar 824 231

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