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Food distribution at MAITRI

MAITRI Humanitarian Aid programme

  • MAITRI currently provides relief materials in the form of garments and blankets to poorer patients from the various programmes, including the village schools.
  • MAITRI supplies supplements and food to poorer TB patients and malnourished little children.
  • MAITRI supplies educational material to poorer pupils in its village schools.
  • MAITRI provides round the clock assistance with antitetanus and antirabies vaccines and atropine injections, which are given free of charge to needy people.
  • MAITRI provides an Ambulance and Rescue Service for the local population.

Distribution of clothes for pupils of the village schools

MAITRI Humanitarian Aid programme: measurable outcomes and impact


  • Since 1996 MAITRI has to date provided 4,122 pairs of special footwear and goggles to as many disabled leprosy patients.
  • Since 1997 MAITRI has distributed 6,231 blankets, 1,103 sweaters, 246 saris and 339 dhotis to 7,919 persons to date.
  • Since 1999 MAITRI has to date provided food to 1,823 persons.
  • MAITRI has to date provided ambulance service to 45 persons, who have been saved from sure death from trauma, complicated delivery, tetanus, and other life-threatening conditions.


Distribution of blankets at MAITRI

MAITRI Humanitarian Aid programme: the road ahead


  • With your support many more needy persons from rural areas can continue to receive garments and food.
  • With your support many more persons from rural areas can receive life-saving assistance.
  • With your support more people of all ages, who are in dire need of support and currently do not have access to MAITRI’s programme, will acquire a fundamental right - the right to basic relief services...


Food distribution in the field



MAITRI Charitable Trust
PO Box 32 , Bodhgaya
Gaya District, Bihar 824 231

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