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MAITRI Charitable Trust

Please take a moment to learn about our work in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India.
The organisation

The organisation

MAITRI is officially registered as a charitable trust in India.
Spiritual Founder: Lama Thubten Yeshe; Spiritual Director: Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche.
MAITRI Charitable Trust is affiliated to the Foundation for the Preservation for the Mahayana Tradition - FPMT.
The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees.
The appointed Administrator of the Trust and Director of its Centre, Adriana Ferranti, is responsible for the provision and utilization of resources, working-out and implementation of long- and short-term plans of development, and day-to-day management of the Centre and its programmes.



• To establish institutions for the prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation of leprosy patients and other disabled persons.
• To promote the educational, medical, economic and social advancement of Indians in general and the people of Bihar in particular.
• To establish and maintain dispensaries, health centres and hospitals.
• To establish and maintain projects for the benefit of the local community in the fields of health, nutrition, literacy and agriculture.
• To establish educational institutions such as schools and colleges.
• To establish and promote veterinary care programmes, establish and maintain shelters for stray animals, and promote humane treatment of animals.
• To issue appeals and applications for money and funds in furtherance of stated objectives.

Why Bodhgaya, Bihar

Why Bodhgaya, Bihar

Bodhgaya is a town in the Northern Indian state of Bihar , which is one of the poorest, most depressed and densely populated states in India.
MAITRI's headquarters are in Bodhgaya, the place where Buddha reached enlightenment 2,500 years ago.
Bihar has one of the highest incidences of leprosy in India.
Bihar 's literacy rate is one of the lowest in India.

Please rejoice in another year of essential charitable service offered through MAITRI since 1990.

Latest news

  • December News

    December has been busier than this time of the year usually is. Besides reaching the goal of 1,000 blankets distributed in just 1 ½ months we also had at MAITRI 42 children selected from our Fulchatar school whom we gave warm underwear and a blanket. It was all in a very festive mood as there […]

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    Support Continues

    A number of projects have been realized with the contribution of Otto Per Mille of the Waldensian Church since 2004, including MAITRI’s TB program 2020 and Mother & Child program 2021. Our sincere thanks go for this ongoing life changing support.

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  • 2020 Annual Report

    There is no real way to capture the many ‘actions of MAITRI’ over a year. Sometimes just a single grateful smile of someone who could so easily have slipped through the cracks is worth a thousand words. Still, the annual report is an important way for us to share with you what we are doing […]

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    November News

    Read our November news in full here. The needy remain our priority. As the seasons change from monsoon to the much cooler winter, our programs also adapt. We have started the yearly blanket distribution. The MAITRI way is to identify individuals through the work of the paramedical workers in the field. Those identified will come to […]

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  • Service to humanity award

    Our most fervent wish is that we have all the funds, staff, equipment and good fortune to be able to help every individual who comes into our care and free them from suffering. We have no wish for accolades as helping others really is the most satisfying reward. However, it cannot be said that the […]

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    October news

    Please read our news update in full here. The various lockdowns, the government services’ concentration of activities on Covid 19, and the consequent fear of infection among the medical community as well, have left the poorer levels of the population with no resources to turn to in case of need. Moreover the staff in primary […]

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  • September news

    Read the news in full. COVID-19 has made Bodhgaya a deserted place, full of fear and despair. So many NGOs and charities are closed and the poor don’t know where to go. Government services have always been unreliable and inconsistent and the lockdown has exacerbated their ability to respond to the crisis. MAITRI has continued to […]

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    July news

    The latest news from MAITRI. Read it in full on our email. The consequences of COVID go well beyond the physiological manifestations of the disease, as the measures taken by governments to contain the contagion have created havoc in all economies. In India after 3 ½ months of lockdown millions of workers and their families […]

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  • June News

    Read our June news update in full. We are busy with Mother & Child Care and the Animal Care Projects. As we are currently under a strict lockdown access to supplies is difficult and patients are also experiencing difficulties getting to the clinic. However the hospital care has never ceased and there are still a few patients in the wards. […]

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    Helping despite COVID-19

    Read our latest news update on COVID-19. Things at MAITRI are continuing as well as we can be managed in the circumstances. As you know, India has been in lock down and activities have been tightly restricted. With the hospital patients and animals to care for, there has been some essential work we had to […]

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